Fixed Income

Protect and grow your capital, while diversifying your portfolio.

Our Fixed Income Desk provides Echelon clients with the keys to a well-balanced and well-diversified portfolio. Direct access to secure, low-risk products can significantly enhance the performance of your portfolio. Echelon Advisors offer excellent fixed income investment management and products, such as government, corporate, convertible bonds and preferred shares at competitive pricing.

Structured Solutions

Echelon’s Structured Product Specialists provide our clients with an exceptional number of traditional investments, such as equities, currencies, bonds, commodities, or funds, but also creative customized investment instruments tailored to individual risk profiles and specific market conditions that can enhance returns and increase the diversification of client portfolios.

We can offer a variety of innovative solutions to meet the different investment needs of our clients, such as Principal-protected Notes, Non-principal-protected Notes, Custom Notes, Equity-linked GICs, Closed-end Funds, Structured Fixed Income, Flow-through Limited Partnerships, and Monetization.

Our Structured Products Specialists bring many of the benefits of complex derivatives to our clients who otherwise would not have access to them. As a complement to more traditional investment vehicles, Echelon’s Special Product offerings are a strategically smart way to enhance financial portfolios.